No Level Ground Available for a Skip? Five Alternatives and Modifications to Consider

If you are hiring a skip for a project at your home or any other place, you need a patch of level ground upon which to set the skip. Unfortunately, not every property has a spot that meets these specifications. Don't have anywhere level to place a skip? Check out these ideas:

1. Use plywood to boost one side of the skip.

In some cases, rather than setting the skip directly on the ground, homeowners place pieces of plywood beneath it. The plywood helps to protect the grass or the driveway from damage. However, you may also be able to use plywood to prop up one side of the skip if the ground on your property is uneven.

Talk with the skip hire company to ensure its reps think this approach is safe. Also, make sure that the individual dropping off the skip knows you are using this type of setup, as they may need to help you position the skip.

2. Clear a small patch of ground.

This typically only makes sense if you are hiring the skip for a landscape project, but in that case, if you have backhoes or other machinery around, consider just leveling a patch of ground for the skip. This solution requires moving quite a bit of dirt. To ensure you create a large enough flat patch, obtain the dimensions of the skip before starting to clear the ground. Then, once the skip is going, use that bit of ground for a patio, a garden or anything else that needs to be on level ground.

3. Place the skip on the street.

If the street in front of your home is relatively level, place the skip on that. Remember, however, that in many cities and towns, you need a permit to place a skip on the road. Contact your local council to see if you need a permit and obtain that before the skip arrives. There may be a nominal fee for the permit in some cases.

4. Hire a skip on a trailer.

In most cases, when a skip hire company brings a skip to a customer's house, they haul it in on a tip trailer, and they drop it off. However, that is not the only option. There are also skips that are permanently or semi-permanently attached to to trailers. The skip company's rep simply tows the trailer to your home or other site and then drops off the whole trailer. This skip is on wheels and thus can be placed nearly anywhere. If you need to level it, you can use the same types of blocks you use to level a caravan trailer.

5. Hire a small skip.

In lieu of the above ideas, consider hiring a small skip. Many companies offer mini skips. Often made of canvas, these are small enough to fit inside your garage. If this size doesn't work for your project, have the skip company pick up the mini skip and give you an empty one once or twice during the project.

For more information about your options, contact a skip bin hire.