Thinking About Garbage Disposal? Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Hire a Skip Bin

Skip bins may be more popular with home, office or garden renovation projects that tend to produce a lot of waste. However, they are also quite suitable for regular garbage disposals from your home or office. In fact, they offer several advantages over the other known methods of garbage disposal, such as:

Environmental conservation

Skip bins are usually made of steel which gives them a lifespan of about 15 years. This means that one skip bin can not only be used over several years but that the steel used to make it can be recycled after it has served its purpose.This is very much unlike the plastic bags used for garbage disposal. While companies may claim that they are completely recyclable, it is very difficult to recycle plastic. Further, given that they are non-biodegradable, they pose a greater risk to the environment than skip bins. Further, most skip bin companies have a working relationship with recycling plants that can handle all kinds of waste ranging from old tyres to derelict washing machines, in a safe way. This way, you can be sure that whatever you put in your skip bin will not end up damaging the environment.

Ease of use

When hiring a skip bin for regular garbage disposal at home, you could get the smallest one (usually about 2 cubic metres in size). It usually comes with a handle and wheels which make it easy to move around your compound to collect garbage. Further, you need not worry about disposing of the contents of the skip bin yourself. You only need to make arrangements with the skip bin company to come and collect the garbage on a specific day. This is not the case with plastic garbage bags. Not only will you have to haul around the bag as you collect your garbage, you may also have to take it to a central disposal location which is both tiresome and inconvenient.


The only cost you incur with a skip bin is the rental fee.  However, with other methods, there are added costs either in maintenance or purchases that make it more expensive. For instance, if you hire a garbage compactor, you will need to pay for regular maintenance as well as repair costs from unforeseen damage to the compactor, in addition to the rental fees. With a skip bin, it is the responsibility of the company hiring it out to make sure it is in proper working condition.


When disposing of sharp objects like needles, pins or broken glass, skip bins do a much better job of protecting you and your loved ones than garbage bags. The bags could get ripped by the sharp objects on the way to disposing of them, or your pets could be cut by these objects if they play with the garbage bags. However, with the skip bins, you need not worry about these risks.