Five Skip Tips for Caravan Park Owners

If you run a caravan park, you may need to hire a skip for the rubbish travellers generate. To make the most of your skip, there are some tips you should keep in mind. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Share information on skip location during check-in.

When guests check in to your caravan park and pay their fees, let them know where the skip is. If possible, have this printed on your welcome materials, and mark the skip on your map of amenities. That helps to reduce litter from guests who cannot find the skip.

2. Lock skips at night in rural areas.

If your caravan park is in a remote, rural or natural area, it may be broken into by animals at night. To prevent waking up to messy piles of rubbish around the bin, lock the bin to animal-proof it every evening. Post a sign near the skip and print the hours in the welcome materials so that guests know when they can access it.

3. Place the skip inside a fence.

A skip can be an eyesore, especially if you have a relatively small caravan park, and you need to locate it close to the caravan sites. To hide it, consider building an enclosure, or using natural barriers like shrubs. In lieu of that, just prioritise keeping the area in front of the skip clean, and wash off the outside of the skip as needed.

4. Schedule more pickups or hire an extra skip during busy times.

As a caravan park owner, you are likely to see upticks in business during the summer months, school holidays or other times when tourism is popular in your area. To accommodate for the extra rubbish that's generated during these times, hire an extra skip or ask your rubbish company to increase the number of pickups.

Similarly, if you own a caravan park that has a lot of permanent residents in mobile homes, you may want to hire a skip four times a year for seasonal cleaning. Let the residents know ahead of time that you will have the extra skip, and encourage them to use the opportunity to get rid of what they don't need.

5. Make the skip accessible.

Finally, make sure that the skip is accessible to the guests or residents at your caravan park. If you have disabled or elder residents who may not be able to hoist a bag up into a skip, place a rollie bin next to it. If you have guests or residents with mobility issues who may not be able to get to the skip, scatter rollie bins around, and have your staff empty them into the skip as needed.