5 Unique colour ideas for your indoor garbage bins

Handling rubbish in the home is one of those chores that everyone loves to hate. Garbage tends to be messy, smelly and annoying. However, you can make garbage duty more fun to do by purchasing colourful waste bins. The usual black, grey and dark green bins are dull, and they add to the redundancy of handling your household waste.

Here are five more exciting and unique colour options to consider for your household waste bins.

1. Red

Red is always an interesting colour for any object. It is bold, vibrant and conscious. With red garbage bins around the home, no one is likely to forget where the bin is located. This will make it easier for you to collect rubbish in the home and take it out on trash day.

Red bins also contribute to the excitement of your home by adding colour and texture to various locations. They contrast well against a white or neutral background. Interestingly, red lids are the Australian standard colour for general waste bins in public areas. You can take this colour scheme a step further by purchasing an entirely red garbage bin.

2. Blue

If you're looking for something bold, yet calm at the same time, blue garbage bins will get the job done. You can select from sky blue shades to deeper blue colours that resemble the deep sea.

Blue bins are an excellent choice for holding recycling waste, as they resemble the feel of nature in a unique way. To promote a culture of recycling in your home, use blue bins to dedicate recycled waste.

3. Orange

Few colours lighten up the home like orange does. It's an energetic and bold colour that breathes life into your garbage bins. The positive mood radiated by orange bins will make trash duty less stressful in your home. You can also have fun matching your orange bins with backdrops, plants and surrounding furniture.

4. Pink

Pink is not just a colour that younger girls love; it can also be a soft, uplifting choice for your rugged garbage bins. If you often look at your rubbish bins and feel disgusted in the process, pink will give off a light feel and make trash duty less stressful. Interestingly, pink also contrasts well with earth-tone colours such as green. It gives off an oxymoron effect to your domestic garbage bins.

5. Yellow

Yellow is another bright colour that allows you to connect with nature. It works particularly well if you're planning to hang your garbage bins on the wall for maximum visibility.

And if you have a dull or plain-looking room in the home, adding a yellow trash bin keeps it clean while making the space livelier than it previously was. Whether you need a space for sharps collection or just everyday rubbish, contact your local garbage removal service today for more information.