5 Unique colour ideas for your indoor garbage bins

Handling rubbish in the home is one of those chores that everyone loves to hate. Garbage tends to be messy, smelly and annoying. However, you can make garbage duty more fun to do by purchasing colourful waste bins. The usual black, grey and dark green bins are dull, and they add to the redundancy of handling your household waste. Here are five more exciting and unique colour options to consider for your household waste bins. Read More 

2 Ideas That Will Make Short Work of Clearing an Old and Rundown Garden

If you've recently bought a rundown old property to renovate, then you no doubt have an abundance of projects on your to-do list. Almost invariably, rundown old properties also come with a derelict and neglected garden that also needs a considerable amount of work. Clearing out the garden to make way for a new, modern and attractive outdoor area is one of the bigger tasks when it comes to returning an old home to its former glory. Read More